20s. Rambly introvert/Web Designer/Entreprenuer/nerd with a crippling internet addiction. I get too excited about design, watch more TV shows than is acceptable & feel way too strongly about fictional characters. Occasional writer. Frequent ranter.

Stuff I watch include Archer, Revenge, Game of Thrones, Suits, Brook;yn 99, New Girl, Modern Family. Finally gave up on TVD. I mostly rant about Teen Wolf.

Hardcore Scott McCall fangirl since '11. I will fight you on this. Or block you. I very easily block anyone that gets up to foolishness and shenanigans.

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my disordered mind

Fandom, believe it or not, Tyler Posey’s dorky and exuberant disposition may actually just be because he’s a naturally pleasant and hyperactive person, not because he’s ‘permanently stoned’ 24/7or ‘special' or stupid or whatever condescending word you might have for it. You people are the actual worst. 

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    This fandom is the worst. Posey is “stoned” whereas Dylan is “adorable”. Scott is “dumb” whereas Derek is “tortured”....
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    leave Tyler alone he is great, the only bad thing about him is that he hangs with Mac Miller
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