20s. Rambly introvert/Web Designer/Entreprenuer/nerd with a crippling internet addiction. I get too excited about design, watch more TV shows than is acceptable & feel way too strongly about fictional characters. Occasional writer. Frequent ranter.

Stuff I watch include Archer, Revenge, Game of Thrones, Suits, Brook;yn 99, New Girl, Modern Family. Finally gave up on TVD. I mostly rant about Teen Wolf.

Hardcore Scott McCall fangirl since '11. I will fight you on this. Or block you. I very easily block anyone that gets up to foolishness and shenanigans.

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bbytae replied to your post: I’m already over this Alpha pack, it’s less than…

same. so disappointed in casting tbh, especially when they announced deucalion

oh my God, the guy playing the main Alpha was the most disappointing of ALL.

  1. yarnzipangirl said: Yeah, I’m… a whole lotta unimpressed there.
  2. bbytae said: you had a chance, teen wolf! you had a chance and you blew it!!!1 smh
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