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Hardcore Scott McCall fangirl since '11. I will fight you on this. Or block you. I very easily block anyone that gets up to foolishness and shenanigans.

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Here we go again. What did he expect people’s reactions to be though?

Here we go again. What did he expect people’s reactions to be though?

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    Okay 1, Jeff probably tried his very best. Trust me, it’s hard when you aren’t the biggest thing out there yet. Just...
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    lol omg you’re just going to deny the racism because you like jeff davis show? lol i’m sorry but i’m not the one with my...
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    So you can talk like that and it’s ok. But when I’ve been as polite to him and those arguing for him while still...
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    OH MY FREAKING LORD!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. People need to calm the fuck down and let him work.
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    wow, seems like show biz life is really, really hard, waaah wahhh wah.
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    Jeff Davis, for the love of God, shut up about things you know nothing about. Or at least admit that you know next to...
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    … :| This show is trying to make me quit. WE TRIED SO HARD IT’S JUST THAT THERE ARE NO SOUTH ASIAN ACTRESSES DUH OMG WHY...
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    Shaking my head.
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    Didn’t try? What does that even mean?
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