20s. Rambly introvert/Web Designer/Entreprenuer/nerd with a crippling internet addiction. I get too excited about design, watch more TV shows than is acceptable & feel way too strongly about fictional characters. Occasional writer. Frequent ranter.

Stuff I watch include Archer, Revenge, Game of Thrones, Suits, Brook;yn 99, New Girl, Modern Family. Finally gave up on TVD. I mostly rant about Teen Wolf.

Hardcore Scott McCall fangirl since '11. I will fight you on this. Or block you. I very easily block anyone that gets up to foolishness and shenanigans.

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my disordered mind

More and more Posey tweets like someone who gets weirded out/confused/frustrated by fans/fandom often.

  1. mybrotherspeach said: can you blame him, considering the fandom he’s exposed to?
  2. teenfreakinwolf said: you can’t blame the guy.. i even get weirded out when i read some of those tweets. I agree we should all try and send him some nice non inapropriate tweets
  3. meandrous said: i just tweeted him something nice. i think i might try and do that on a daily basis
  4. holycowomgitsjenn said: Can you really blame him?
  5. biniall said: tbh i would too if i was him
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