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Big Bad Wolf Alpha 


welcome to the inner workings of my mindso dark and foul i can’t disguisecan’t disguisenights like thisi become afraidof the darkness in my heart


welcome to the inner workings of my mind
so dark and foul i can’t disguise
can’t disguise
nights like this
i become afraid
of the darkness in my heart









3.02 vs. 3.07


erica’s favorite pastime: scaring the shit out of stiles


Hmm, I’ve seen a lot of meta on the scene above floating around and I want to spit my own twist on it.

The point in question is: Why does Peter, who has already bitten Lydia and Scott without their permission and compromised their agency, choose to offer the Bite to Stiles? And then backs down when Stiles refuses.

Because of Scott.

Let me elaborate. Scott and Stiles are a package deal and Peter understands that. Scott has gotten turned into a werewolf, sucked into a murder mystery, and still has managed to keep his best friend at his side. Loyalty to those he chooses to give it to is a strong trait in Stiles, and a useful one in werewolf hierarchy, but Stiles’ loyalty ultimately belongs to Scott. Thus if Peter had given Stiles the bite unwillingly, all he would do is give Scott another werewolf at his side. 

We don’t see until Season 2 what purpose it serves to bite Lydia, so we can presume Peter’s main plan at this moment is to win over Scott’s loyalty and enact revenge. Derek is easy to sway because he has family ties and soul weighing guilt over his whole family getting killed via Kate, thus making him an easy pawn for Peter to manipulate (and likely manipulate again in Season 3, perhaps). Scott, on the other hand, has a very strong sense of right vs. wrong and doesn’t agree with Peter’s methods. Even though Allison is his anchor, his mom and Stiles also serve as grounding points in humanity.

We see this in 1x11, where Peter goes out with Melissa, goes shopping with Allison, and lastly kidnaps Stiles. These are the three people most important to Scott and Peter displays dominance and control over the situation by approaching the first two as harmless (even though Scott knows he isn’t) and using force on Stiles, who can’t be swayed because he’s already attacked Stiles and Stiles knows he’s the Alpha. Gerard similarly does this in Season 2 by threatening Melissa, manipulating Allison, and taking Stiles after the game.

So why even bother with making a werewolf out of Stiles?

Because if Stiles chooses the bite freely, Peter has everything to gain. A werewolf!Stiles would weaken Scott’s tie to humanity and because of how close there friendship is, I think it would tide over as another bond to bind Scott to Peter’s pack. Even if Scott would be upset with Stiles for choosing to be a werewolf, ultimately I feel he wouldn’t leave Stiles in Peter’s clutches. The turn out eventually ends in Stiles swaying Scott into a neutral or on Peter’s side or Scott remains opposed and Peter gains another Beta anyway. 

And it’s not that Stiles is more weak willed to give into Peter, but in general he remains a very grey character morally. He shows at many points in the series that he’d be ok with just doing away with a lot of characters (ex. Jackson, Derek) and actually contributed to the death of one (pre-zombie Peter). So if Peter again attempted a bonding kill with Stiles (probably Kate’s death at this point) he would have succeeded in establishing himself as Stiles’ Alpha.

Personally, I just think Peter missed his window because after nearly killing Scott in the school, nearly killing Stiles in the hospital, attacking Lydia, and killing his nurse, he’s shown himself to be beyond the pale even to Stiles’ lower moral standards. I think Season 1 Stiles would have chosen to be a werewolf before all that went down, despite the fact that Scott would have chosen never to be one. But I think we’ll save the outcomes of that for another day.

I like this. Also in s1, this whole werewolf business was more of an adventure for him. I don’t doubt he would have taken the bite earlier on too. He wanted to be part of the action, his hero moment. In s2, when it began to affect his dad, and him even more, I think he realized that not only did he not want this, but maybe he didn’t even want to be a part of it at all, as shown in 2.11.

The fics I read.

1. Fic Rec: Hang on Tight and Don’t Look Down, Scott/Erica, T Chpts 2 & 3

Words: 3,407
Genre(s): Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Rating: Rated: T
Author: LadySilver

Summary: On her first full moon after season two, Erica comes to Scott for help. From the prompt: What happens when one werewolf loses his anchor and another can’t find hers?


I’m actually pretty bummed this one’s ended

2. Amazement (3512 words) by argentum_ls 
Chapters: 1/1 
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV) 
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences 
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply 
Relationships: Isaac Lahey/Scott McCall 
Characters: Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey 

On Scott’s first date with Isaac, the boys run into a few dead ends and a few more scares.

I guess it’s not a coincidence that they’re by the same author

3. This little vampire!StilesxScott story by Dea, which I’m sure most of you have already seen.

Also, finally publishing something today. so.

Apparently it’s okay to make a gifset compiling the many different ways people close to Scott (who should know better) have humiliated him in public and called him stupid or dumb (for things like confusing Greek Mythology no less) for the lolz (even though it’s been shown in canon that not only is Scott actually smart but this has made him uncomfortable/unhappy). He’s too stupid to get out of bed in the morning without Stiles amirite? It’s amusing that a teacher uses this as an excuse to talk down his mother. Hilarious! What a potato! (Also if you call Scott/Tyler a potato, you’re actually quite AWFUL fyi) 

BUT! BUT! A gifset showing Stiles being indirectly called stupid by Harris (which is still not okay btw) cues all the tears and wailing because poor Stiles HE TRIES SO HARD (AND IS ACTUALLY REALLY INTELLIGENT AND GETS GOOD GRADES … WAIT WHAT) but this one asshole implied that he’s stupid poor thing he must feel so insecure (when someone tells him something that isn’t even true)! Why haven’t they fired this man?! Stiles’ self-esteem must be so.. so low, doing well in school and being told by everyone else how he’s smart and everything. 

Tell me how is it okay to make fun of someone who is actually having issues in school but someone who isn’t is the only recipient of your sympathy?

I mean.

Teen Wolf as a Trio Show

stiles wanting to kill people and scott not letting him